UNNATURALLY NATURAL was born in Japan in the hope of creating a clean skin care brand that is superior to all the beloved ones and animals, and also has a clean skin care brand that can coexist with nature.

This is a luxurious, luxurious brand of performance that excludes ingredients that can cause skin trouble and only selects components that the founders believe is good for their own skin.

The focus is on how people can feel safe and comfortable across cultures and races, such as Japanese, Asians, and European Americans.

The origin of the foundation is that it is a good idea to be able to focus on allergies, constitution, and culture, not to the framework of dry skin, sensitive skin and mixed skin, but also for allergies, the nature of the skin, and the difference in culture.

In addition to sustainable development, it is not only sustainable but also for dairy allergies, but it also suggests a sustainable lifestyle that can be sustainable in both animals and for the environment.


the underlying component of an issue of skin

Our Dour

The ingredients we are saving from the product are as important as the components that we are distributing to the product.

Essential oil

alcohol that causes the skin to dry



Ultraviolet absorbing agent

coloring agent


20 or more components are classified into smaller categories, and these are excluded from the products of our products.

We believe most of the cause of skin trouble is related to the components of the skin.

By removing these ingredients from everyday life, I think the skin can be reset and return to the skin that is balanced and balanced.

Why our products?

Only the Good stuff

The specific elements that believe that all skin problems are at the root of all problems are eliminated.A prescription for allergies and sensitive skin care.

Clean Beauty

It is not a natural component or an organic component, but also the effective ingredient of the skin.It's not only a clean, but a high performance skin care.

100 % Vegan

All of our products are virgins of 100%Vegan, and we use only plant or synthetic origin components.

Behind the Story

From the late 20s to the development of the UNNATURALLY NATURAL, I had a lot of problems in my skin.(dry, sensitive skin, and irregular blowers, skin colour, blanes, itching, itching.)

I was trying to find skin care and skin care for various brands, and most of all, I was looking for skin care that worked really well.

Since I was over 30 years old, I was particularly agonable, and I found that I was suffering from a change in body condition, and that I was allergic to dairy products and wheat.

Instead of just looking for a product that suits you, we're looking for a cosmetic product that doesn't contain ingredients related to dairy products or wheat.

I don't think a lot of people know about the relationship between cosmetics and gluten free.

Even if you're not allergic, you don't have to wear wheat or dairy products, and people who are difficult to digest, and those who have ingredients in it, are at risk of causing the skin to get rough.

I myself tried to use a product that does not contain ingredients that do not fit into the constitution (the allergic wheat and dairy products) because the skin of the friends I lent to my friends was red, and the knowledge of some of the ingredients and the friends of the wheat allergies had not included the ingredients of the wheat in all of the products in the whole area.

And above all, I became interested in how each of the ingredients reacted to the skin, and how the component played it in the prescribed way.

If the skin is exposed to stimulants and sensation, damage can be accumulated without noticing it, and the skin can be easily shaky.

If that is the case, your skin will become more sensitive to your skin.

I myself had never thought of being as sensitive as I had suffered from dry ice.

UNNATURALLY NATURAL is a high-functioning skin care brand that everyone can use with peace of mind.And I know it's NATURAL, so it's not a good thing.

What is the important thing to choose?

The focus is on resetting the skin and restoring the health of the skin by removing ingredients that adversely affect the health of the skin, and by the composition of the skin to support the health.

The future of beauty that we think is that our brand and components are transparent, and we are confident that we will have a very clean, clean, high quality, high-function, and sastinable worldview.

We are constantly trying to evolve and are growing brands.