The beauty industry is changing around the world. The brand must be something that changes not only beauty but also the environment. This is because clean products that do not contain harmful substances are becoming a universal standard.


The impact on the global environment is also important. We are required to make products not only for human beings but for all living things that coexist.


To do the right thing, it's worth taking business risks. That is why, as a new beauty brand, we are constantly evolving, improving and taking on the challenge of becoming better.


We focus on making the most sustainable choices for our products and shipping materials.


For all packaging materials, we use recycled materials as much as possible and adopt options with less environmental impact.


In consideration of forest environment conservation, paper boxes, delivery boxes, manuals, labelsFSCUses certified woodfree paper. Plant-derived biomass ink for printing product paper boxes, and shipping boxes for printingCO2We use water ink that is effective in reducing the amount of ink.


Currently, as a D2C brand and as a global brand, we do not use glass containers that are heavy due to CO2 emissions during delivery.

In addition, due to strength issues, there are no sustainable products when considering transportation, and it is still an undeveloped area.

But we believe there is a better way.


weUNNATURALLY NATURAL Will actively leverage resources to incorporate more post-consumer materials, marine restraint plastics and refillable packages into production.


In the future, we will actively work on the development of new materials in the area of ​​containers as well.CO2We will also work on conversion to materials with a high reduction effect, introduction of paid eco-bags, and collection of used containers.


We're not perfect yet, but working with industry-leading leaders in science, technology and sustainability to set better, cleaner and more ethical standards in the beauty industry. I promise.


Our Philosophy


UNNATURALLY NATURALIs committed to prescribing all products with safety, transparency, education and sociality first.


All products contain only what you need to get the best results.


Safety; We use the safest materials for the best results.


transparency; Enable customers to make informed decisions


Education; Break down the "what" and "why" of each ingredient used in the product


Sociality; Development of products and colors for all skin types, skin types, ages, and genders


Cruelty-free;UNNATURALLY NATURAL Does not test any animal products or ingredients. And that will not change in the future.