UNNATURALLY NATURAL continues to strive to provide the best possible products, using only safe materials.

We do not use ingredients that are judged to be harmful, those whose safety data are questionable, or those for which no conclusion has been reached.

This list is constantly checked and updated based on new ingredient technologies and breakthroughs.

In Europe, which is the most advanced in efforts to abolish animal experiments, as the idea of nature orientation and animal protection spreads around the world,

The EU Cosmetics Directive was enacted with the aim of abolishing it in 2013.

Against this background, UNNATURALLY NATURAL aims for a sustainable society and products that are friendly to the environment and animals as well as to ourselves.

Create a list of unblended ingredients and comply with Prop65, California

We have also obtained the "PETA" and "VEGAN SOCIETY" certification marks.


-Preservatives: NO parabens; NO formaldehyde; NO formaldehyde-releasing preservatives; NO triclosan; triclocarban

・ NO Sulfate, Sulfate-based detergent
(Sulfuric acid-based surfactant)

・ NO ethanol

-NO Ethanolamine: Specifically, diethanolamine (DEA), triethanolamine (TEA), monoethanolamine (MEA)


・ NO Silicon

・ NO Vaseline

・ NO coal tar

・ NO phthalate ester

・ NO Nanozinc oxide


・ NO Aluminum chloride


・ NO Animal-derived ingredients (including fat, oil and musk)


・ NO Synthetic colorants, synthetic pigments

・ NO talc, hydroquinone, alcohol denate, retinyl palmitate, retinol palmitate


・ NO gluten

・ NO Wheat protein

・ NO formaldehyde

・ NO microbeads (insoluble plastic microbeads)

・ NO Oxybenzone

・ NO UV absorber, nano-sized titanium oxide

・ NO Mercury / Mercury-containing components (including thimerosal)

・ NO phthalic acid (DBP, DEHP, DEP)


In addition to the list of excluded ingredients, we will also introduce the ingredients that we are actively monitoring for responsible and safe prescribing.


Alcohol is a chemical with various names and has different effects on the skin. When alcohol is labeled alone on the label, it refers to ethyl alcohol (denatured alcohol), but many consumers feel it dries their skin and avoid it.

No ethanol or denatured alcohol is used in our products.


The FDA does not require food and flavor allergens to be listed on cosmetic packaging, and many are unaware of the potential allergens hidden in their products. The European Union (EU) regulates that cosmetics and perfumes must contain only perfume allergens. We understand that there is growing concern about skin sensitization and allergic reactions and want to remain fully transparent with consumers. Therefore, we carefully formulate products that eliminate the above food allergens as much as possible. Please see the specific product page for allergen information.


UNNATURALLY NATURAL does not carry out any cruel experiments and does not carry out animal experiments. All products are 100% vegan. The use of animal-derived ingredients is restricted in all formulations.


Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are plants and organisms derived from biotechnology. Originally developed to assist farmers in the production of food crops, these methods have the ability to target and modify specific traits of the organism that are beneficial to the health of consumers. Whenever possible, we avoid the use of genetically modified crops.


UNNATURALLY NATURAL does not use essential oils or essential oils. Essential oils or essential oils are natural, but volatile oils that are not suitable for our face.

Essential oils can irritate and sensitize the skin, which can lead to irritation.

Alcohol is used in the extraction of synthetic fragrances, and the components used in the fragrances are diverse. They are highly mutagenic, which damages DNA regardless of whether they are natural or synthetic, and they are difficult to decompose and affect the human body. There are concerns about adverse effects on the skin and health, such as those that are concerned about accumulation and those that correspond to environmental hormones.

The fragrances we use are closely controlled and monitored for alcohol values, including carry-over values, and all the fragrance ingredients contained in the fragrances are not only included in the exclusion list, but also have an adverse effect on the skin and health. It consists of nothing.


Palm cultivation is associated with deforestation, ecosystem destruction, greenhouse gas emissions, biodiversity loss, and social conflicts in producing countries. UNNATURALLY NATURAL rigorously examines RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) principles and standards for sustainable palm oil production and is committed to procuring only certified palm-derived materials. I will. Sustainably grown palm oil benefits communities in fair working conditions, while also contributing to the protection of irreplaceable species and forests.


As listed in the UNNATURALLY NATURAL exclusion list, no silicon is used.


Talc is a natural mineral mined from the earth and is commonly used in basic and color cosmetics to enhance the feel, luster and luster of products. We do not use talc because of the risk that some talc contains asbestos fiber and various aspects such as skin health and irritation.


Gluten is a mixture of substances found primarily in protein in grain seeds such as wheat, wheat, rye and oats. UNNATURALLY NATURAL does not contain gluten as an ingredient in cosmetics.

Lactose intolerance to some of the proteins contained in gluten is known as celiac disease. Even if you are not allergic to wheat, people who are physically difficult to digest gluten may cause rough skin, so from the viewpoint of health and safety, gluten is not included in all products.