UNNATURALLY NATURAL, which is the global market for clean-cosmic sharks from Japan, is a global economic development.

We are actively engaged in recruiting new members to expand our brand's business.

We will recruit new team members in this time.


" PORTFOLIOS is a global direct-to-consumer organization, as well as a clean brand not just for individuals, but also in the environment."


As a low-stimulus, a skin care brand that is environmentally friendly to the earth's environment, it is not natural for the skin to be a natural component.It is not only a natural ingredient, but the ingredients that are effective in the skin remain firmly in place.We redefine the beauty industry by blending NATURAL + UNNATURAL to create an intuitive, fun product line.We hope to provide a new, beautiful experience for the future with us.


We're going to evolve,

There is always room to grow and learn more.

We're interested in new things together, and we're going to have a positive way to do it.

Portrait of People


We work honestly, we work on things,

the person who can take the priority and act on itand I support it.


Not only for us humans, but for all living creatures who coexist.

We cherrible a world view that is clean and sustinable.

I don't care about myself, but I think about it.

And ...I'm looking for a person who can create a kind future together.


We're looking for a global person.

Capable capacity, absorption, and capacity to respond to different changes

a thought force that can be verbalized

Communication ability


to increase communication between staff and to increase communication between staff23times,Uber Eats I have a lunch.It is a valuable opportunity to be able to eat something that you like free, and get along with your colleagues.


The cost of a private art museum or an art event will be borne by the company.To polish the taste, it is best to be exposed to all kinds of art.

This is a system that emphasizes design and is a system that can be proposed.


We will pay for the expenses of various seminars and study meetings in the world.

After taking a meaningful lecture on the specialists, share your goals, content and insights in your enterprise, and gain a better understanding.


UNS NATRAL" We can buy all the products at the employee discount, so I'm happy to be a good one.


the position of recruitment



This role will govern and promote the strategy and vision of data science for our customers, retention, retention, and grose product teams.Especially marketing using SNS.Collaborate closely with key team members to understand a new understanding of the customer base that will continue to expand, and promote the use of data smarter.

Graphic/Digital Designer


This role is responsible for the digital project management of content projects on the UNNATURALLY NATURAL WEB site, such as product launches, landing pages, merchandising updates, and site initiatives.

CMSManage platforms, enter content, and manage documents.

Design and content design, such as package and web content.

Production control


This role, in accordance with the Pharmaceutical Law and other laws and regulations, will provide a general request for pharmaceutical affairs management for quasi-drugs, which are necessary for exporting cosmetics.
-Pharmaceutical Affairs Management Business as a holder of quasi-cosmetics, quasi-drugs, and quasi-drugs
Checking the component information of the product
-Creating and managing various procedure and records required by the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law and related laws and regulations
-Notification of sales of sales of cosmetics, application for marketing of quasi-drugs, application and maintenance of marketing approval for quasi-drugs
-Interaction with each place in product development and pharmaceutical affairs management operations


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PORTFOLIOS uses structured adoption processes to ask the same questions for all candidates and evaluates them to the same.

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You have a position that you want, but you do not have to be required.Is it still possible to apply?

The application itself is possible.In our PORTFOLIOS, we are building a viewer company for the future.To do this, the internal teams think that we have to reflect the world we want to live.

It means to understand whether you can succeed in this role of UNNATURALLY NATURAL beyond a specific entitlement, background, or educational background.

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