Information on shipping suspension during the 2021 GW period

Thank you for using the UN NATURALLY NATURAL official online store on a regular basis.

We will be closed during the following Golden Week period.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding.

Holidays: April 29th (Thursday / Showa Day), May 1st (Saturday) to May 5th (Wednesday / Children's Day), so we will be closed.

Please understand in advance that it will take some time for delivery.

In addition, overseas shipments will be closed from April 29 (Thursday / Showa Day) to May 5 (Wednesday / Children's Day). Please understand in advance.

* The same applies to confirmation of arrival of luggage.

* Orders can be placed on this site even during the holiday period.

* Orders placed during the holiday period will be shipped sequentially from May 6, 2021 (Thursday).

○ Holiday period (telephone)

・ April 30, 2021 (Friday) 18: 00-May 6, 2021 (Thursday) 10:00

○ Holiday period (email * Inquiry form on the site)

・ April 29, 2021 (Thursday / Showa Day) ・ May 1 (Sat) -May 5, 2021 (Wed)

* Email inquiries are accepted even during the holiday period.

* Inquiries after 18:00 on 4/30 (Friday) will be returned in order from May 6, 2021 (Thursday).

Please wait.

We apologize for the inconvenience and inconvenience caused to our customers.

Thank you for your understanding and understanding.

Updated: 2021/04/24