UNNATURALLY NATURAL continues to work to deliver as best possible products as possible using safe materials only.


It does not use those whose components are believed to be harmful, or those whose safety data is questionable, and that are not conclusions.


This list is always checked and updated based on new component technologies and breakthroughs.


In Europe, which is the most advanced in the effort to abolish animal testing, the European Union aims to abolish the European Union's cosmetic products in 2013, as the world has a view of naturalistic and animal protection.


And under these backgrounds, UNNATURALLY NATURAL's goal is to create a sustainable society and products that are sustainable and environmentally friendly to the environment and to animals.

You can create a list of non-conforming components and also comply with Prop65 in California.

He also acquired the certification mark of "PETA" and "VEGAN SOCIETY".


Unused Components List


Clean Philosophy

-Preservatives: NO Paraven; NO formaldehyde; NO formaldehyde emitting emulsion; NO. trichrosin; tricrocarbang

(n) Sulfeto and sulfete-based detergents
(Passivant of Sulfuric Acid)

NO. Ethanol

NO. Ethanolamine: Specifically, diethanolamine (DEA), triethanolamine (TEA), monoethanolamine (MEA)


NO silicon

NO Wacelin

No Coal tar

-NO phthalate

(NO) Zinc-oxide


(NO) aluminum chloride



Alergen/Skin stimulation

NO. Synthetic pigments, synthetic pigments

NO. NO tark, hydroquinone, alcohol deenate, palmitic acid lechinyl, parmitic acid lechinol



Animal Friendly

-The components of animal origin (including fat, oil and musk)



Health and Environmental Consideration

NO gruten

NO. wheat protein


NO microbies (insoluble plastic microbeads)

(NO) oxbenzone

NO. Purple ultraviolet absorbent titanium

cury-mercury-mercury-containing ingredients (including thymelosala)

NO. phthalic acid (DBP, DEHP, DEP)