About subscription application


Free shipping nationwide
We will deliver free shipping to regular purchases anywhere in the country regardless of the purchase price.

Leading monitor
We are regularly looking for monitors who can try pre-launch products before anyone else. (lottery)


You can purchase it as soon as you launch a new product.

Priority shipping
We will give priority to customers who use regular purchases to secure inventory.

Although it may be out of stock, we will give priority to the product.

Minimum number of deliveries

We promise continuous delivery for the first 3 months after application.

Please note that you cannot cancel your subscription, take a break (up to 2 months) , change the delivery interval (up to 60 days later) , or reduce your order quantity until the third delivery is completed.

* Please contact customerservice@portfolios-group.com as it is possible to increase the number of orders and shorten the delivery interval.

If you wish to cancel the contract, take a rest, change the quantity, or change the delivery interval after the 4th time, please complete the procedure from My Page at least one month before the next order date.

All subsequent changes will be reflected from the next time onwards.

About cancellation

Please complete the procedure from My Page by yourself at least one month before the next order date.

Subsequent changes will be reflected from the next time onwards.

If you do not notify us of cancellation within one month before your monthly order date, it will automatically continue.

In addition, please note that we cannot cancel the contract if the number of deliveries is less than 3.

* Please note that even if you cancel your membership registration, your subscription will not be cancelled.
If you wish to cancel the contract with a minimum of 3 times, please contact us at least 1 month before the date of your 4th order.

Cancellation procedure will be after the completion of the third delivery.

About change of delivery address

Please change from your own My Page at least one week before your next order.

Subsequent changes may not be delivered to your new address.

Regarding delivery

Shipping is scheduled for approximately 3 to 5 business days from the date of order, excluding weekends and holidays.

* Delivery date cannot be specified.

On the day of your monthly order, your order will be completed automatically without any operation on your order.

At that time, UN NATURALLY NATURAL will send you an order completion email.

You can check your order history and future order schedule from "Subscription history" on My Page.
In addition, we do not bundle and deliver regular purchase products and regular products. Please order individual products for regular products.

* Regular purchases cannot be handled overseas.

About payment method

Payment for subscription products is by credit card (VISA, JCB, Master, AMERICAN EXPRESS) and Paypal Express .
UNNATURAL LR NATURAL will notify you if the expiration date, insufficient balance, card error, etc. occur during the second and subsequent order procedures.

To change the payment card, please change the card information by yourself from My Page.
* If you have purchased multiple types of products on a regular basis, you will need to update or change each product.